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1, 2, skip a few (years) – an update.

Yesterday I was asked to sit on a panel as part of a religious education forum at a local undergraduate school here in Albany. It played out much like I … Continue reading

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7 Reasons I am Quitting* Social Media

Originally posted on tylerhudg:
I was in college when twitter and Facebook started. I joined twitter in January of 2009, before I had a smartphone.  I sent tweets by sending…

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Breaking Down the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

***NOTE: I realize that after some initial feedback from posting this, I’ve not indicated clearly some important elements that make this law so controversial. I’ve edited the article below to … Continue reading

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5 reasons you can leave a church:

This is a response to “5 Really Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church” 5 Really Bad Reasons 1.) “Not being fed” Don’t ever let a pastor off the hook for … Continue reading

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Demanding More: A call to good guys to keep being good guys

“Conformity, it seems all so wrong because I always knew that all along I’d find solace in things important to me. And that’s the way I want it to be…” … Continue reading

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Sexuality and the Church

It’s been 4 months since my last post. Someone asked me a month ago if I would get back up here and write again because they were wondering where I … Continue reading

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For me, being 26 and single causes a lot of anxiety. It’s not the only reason for my anxiety, it’s also because I haven’t started a “career” (well I guess … Continue reading

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