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Yeah, what he said…

When Tyler and I first talked about starting a blog, in my mind it was just going to be used as a platform to get some ideas out on the table, and that it could be fun to battle back and forth with him on different topics (I mean, we always used to do that when we were roommates in college – I was starting to miss it a little bit). I pitched him the idea and he got really excited – Tyler style. He started sending me links on how to write a successful blog and how often you need to update in order to keep your readers coming back blah blah blah. Then he starting mapping out all this criteria for a name, “Nothing with the words ‘thoughts’ or ‘musings’ because that implies that we are emo.” (I may have exaggerated that statement in one way or another, but you get the idea). So my simple thought of having a small platform to shoot ideas out was turning into the next big online blog that was gonna get a million hits a day because we were going to do it “right.”

So in classic Ryan and Tyler fashion we let this idea mull in our heads for a good few months before we actually decided to do anything with it. (If any of my professors ever read this blog – they will know exactly what I’m talking about). Then one day a week or two ago, Tyler says, “Scrap everything, let’s just write. Here is what I wrote for our first entry…” I thought how ironic it was that ultimately Tyler came back around and saw things my way…even though I actually never expressed them out loud to him to begin with. So he put up his first post and got what he was hoping for too – a million visitors to our blog. How great a thing! By a million, I mean more like 75 but that’s awfully close to a million when you consider how many posts we’ve put up so far. But then you subtract all the “bots” that are on the web that graze over sites (and still count as a visitor), and ultimately we probably have a more modest number of 20 or so. But hey, that’s still good in my book. I mean, whenever Tyler and I had conversations in our apartment I never would have imagined that 20 people would have wanted to listen to him…I know I didn’t want to.

So I guess now I’m supposed to be a dishwasher. Tyler said he found that phrase in a Shane Claiborne book, but I was sort of shocked that Shane Claiborne has dishes to wash frankly, seeing as how he lives the way he does. I figured he maybe would eat out of pizza boxes so as to save water or something. (If Shane Claiborne ever reads this blog…which he probably won’t since I doubt he owns a computer…but just in case, I’m only poking fun and think what you do is great). Being a dishwasher isn’t so bad though. I mean, I didn’t have any better names for our blog (I really wanted “thoughts” but didn’t want Tyler to back out on me).

I’ll try not to make this too long, but wanted to put a first post out there about my background so you know where I’m coming from when I get into posts that focus more on this “revolution” that Tyler threw into our name. Tyler and I graduated from Houghton College together in May of ’09, my degree was in Religion with minors in Bible and Theology. I like to think that I have a firm grasp of all subjects though. I did take a Mayterm calculus class after all. I decided to move back home after I graduated, and took a job as a Client Care Specialist at the local homeless shelter. On top of that full time job, I was offered a part time gig at a local church to work with youth too (something I had ripped on Tyler for doing just a few weeks before…that is, taking a “church job”). Three months into the homeless shelter job, I took a position on the Spiritual Life Team and now serve as a chaplain. I still work at the church too, and love church ministry so much more than I ever could have imagined. It’s funny how God will take what you have labeled as “dead” and use it to revive your spirit. So, students and shelters. That pretty much sums it up for me. I look forward to diving into the deeper conversation next time.


One comment on “Yeah, what he said…

  1. Jimmy
    February 6, 2010

    Hey Ryan! I’m looking forward to reading your guys’ blog. I expect lots of stimulating images, sound-bytes, and youtube clips to keep my attention. Just kidding. But seriously.
    I think you know your blog has “made it” when you have an add for a weight-loss supplement pill or something next to your post. I hope to see one of those from you soon.

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