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Finding new ways to blog….

So back when I had this great idea that I pitched to Tyler about writing a blog together never did I think that I would be the one to quit writing first. Even at tyler’s insesant prompting I still refused to take the time to post. I figured out why though…it’s because my life has been and still is too busy to write about the stuff that is going on. In fact I have recently come into possession of an iPod touch and am just now realizing that it is giving me access to my own blog for the very first time. It might be really sad that it’s come down to writing a blog entry on an iPod but it’s the best thing I can do for now.
There is so much to catch up on in my story that typing on an iPod could not do it justice. Let it be said that God led me away from homeless ministry into something I feel far more effective at: working with kids who have severe mental health diagnosis. It’s a hoot of a job and some days i can’t believe I have the opportunity to work at such a place. It’s truly been a blessing. I still am working at the Baldwinsville Alliance church as well. We are in a time of transition there and I am still trying to be the best leader I can be considering the circumstances we are facing.
Starting in two weeks I will be taking my very first seminary class at the dreaded Roberts Wesleyan seminary…otherwise known as Northeastern seminary. It’s dreaded because of my loyalty to Houghton…but it’s also the most convenient school around and I like it there. Starting with one class and well see where it takes me. The first class is a leadership formation class and I think it’s coming at a fitting time just as I am learning who I am and how I lead at my church and at my new job.
So I happened to be glancing down tyler’s last post and saw that he had started a series with his youth group based around the book radical by David platt. Its funny because I discovered that book on a random trip to barnes and noble and it changed the way I think about life. I shared it with the leaders of my church, and subsequently my youth group and then bought a copy of it for every family in my church….that’s how much it impacted me. It has been a springboard that the Spirit has used to inspire our church to get more involved with building his kingdom and less focused on meaningless stuff. My youth group has raised over $1300 toward a clean water well to be built in India. It sparked from the challenges of that book.
I went on from that book to read Francis Chans book Forgotten God which is about the work and power of the Holy Spirit and the role He plays in our lives. It was also an excellent book that changed the way I pray and changed the things I pray about.
Now I am just starting a new book called Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll of Mats Hill Church out in Seattle. So far I’m about two pages in so I will keep you faithful readers updated.
Again, so much to tell. So little time to tell it. If there is one thong I can leave whoever out there that is reading this, it’s that God is the business of bringing Himself glory. As soon as we figure out that this world is not about “getting mine” and it’s always been about “bring Him his” we will find purpose in what we do. Think on it and get back to me.
We’ll see you all next time.


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