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Quite possibly the most odd Valentines day date ever

Ok so, I will try to make this short…I was unable to have a proper date with my girlfriend Becky tonight because of Young Life, a group I volunteer at (with all that spare time I was talking about in my last post) bad club planned for the night. Becky had texted me to see if I was interested in watching a movie after club and of course I said yes. And being the organized guy that I am, I had yet to get flowers for her or my mother and it was coming up on 9 pm. Yes yes I know I am a subpar boyfriend when it comes to this kind of stuff but trust me I make up for it in many other ways…so many ways that I will spare you the list here in this post. Anyway, I walk into Wegmans, the greatest grocery store known to mankind, to pick up said flowers. The flowers I wanted came in a vase and with some nice decorative garnishes around some white roses. Or should I say, one white rose. It was odd though, there were two of the same vase with the same flower scheme in both vases, yet one of them had three roses while the other only had one. The one with the single rose had a price tag on it, while the one with three roses did not. I was confused by this and after looking at the tag on the single rose that said “fresh cut roses” I determined to myself that there must have been some mistake. So, being the resourceful kind of guy that I am, I simply took one rose from the three and placed it in the vase with the single rose. Now both vases had two, making them equally desirable. Thus being the case I proudly took my vase with the two roses and the lovely garnish to the register (with a rose bush plant thing that I picked out for my mother) and paid for it. The only thing was that when the vase (now with two roses) was wrung up, the name of the product was “single rose with vase.” Of course I noticed this when my item was wrung up but decided that I would not take the walk of shame back to the flower section to return the “extra” rose in my vase. With this determination I walked out the door with what could now be classified as my stolen rose and drove home. Guilt had made it’s way to me as soon as I had walked out, but once in my car it was so bad I wanted to throw up…literally! I couldn’t believe I had knowingly stolen a flower, and worse yet I was about to give it to my girlfriend as a sign of my love. In the car I had been listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon about walking through the narrow door and how someday it will be too late to walk through it and how we all will face judgement and how preachers especially are going to be held in higher accountability. Ok so now I’m determined not to wSte my time going back and would not be guilt tripped into returning a dumb flower. I drove all the way home from Liverpool (a 25 min drive) only to call Becky from outside of my house as she was on her wY down to see me and I told her that I had mistakenly stolen the roses I was about to give her. She came to my house anyway with a lovely batch of chocolate covered goodies she had clearly spent a lot of time making for me and so now I feel really really bad and like an awful horrible person. I mean, I stole flowers to give to my girlfriend. What kind of person am I? So the funny part comes when I literally can’t even look Becky in the face because I felt so bad…so instead of having a nice romantic evening sitting in my warm house snuggled up on the couch watching a movie, I dragged her (she came willingly) out to my car and we drove, flowers in hand, 25 minutes back to Liverpool…in a snowstorm no less. I waltz back in there and go find the manager, and yes at this point it’s like 10:15 pm and tell the manager what I had done and that I was here with the flowers and my girlfriend to either give back the flower I had stolen or to purchase it at the price to be determined by said manager. After relaying my story the manager and employees who had gathered to listen to my plight burst out laughing and said “well thank you for your honesty, you can keep the flower.”

It goes go show that you can save yourself a lot of grief by just listening to the Spirit’s prompting when he originally gives it and not 45 minutes later with your girlfriend in tow.

Lesson learned.


One comment on “Quite possibly the most odd Valentines day date ever

  1. Abigail
    February 19, 2011

    Oh Ryan, I laughed so hard at this!

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