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also from @realrobbell

Rob Bell doesn’t really understand the concept of micro blogging.  His tweets usually come in several parts.  This morning’s series was particularly long, but also particularly good.

Picture Galileo, standing there on top of the Tower of Pisa, about to drop two weights off the top.
     The weights are the same shape, but one is heavier than the other. Which will land first?

     Obviously the heavier one, because that’s what people had been taught for 2000 years. How could it be any other way?

     And so Galileo drops them, and they land at the same time, because that’s how the world actually works.

     This kind of thinking was, of course, radical and revolutionary and it got Galileo into all sorts of trouble.

     The mind blowing part? No one before Galileo had bothered to actually do the experiment. They just believed what they’d been taught…


I want to be a part of the experiment.  I think in my current context I am.  Just ask my Grandmother, she’ll tell you that I have never been satisfied with the way that things are supposed to work or the way things have always been done.  Its just not my nature.  It was clear to me from an early age that when people repeat what others have done it doesn’t take long to lose the original intent or to forget the original rational.  Often times people want to take something that was intended for a very specific set of circumstances and export it.  Stop calling laziness good stewardship.  Too many people are happy to just accept what they are told or to use another person’s innovative idea.  Experimenting is risky.  You might not end up with what you intended – you mind not wind up where you thought you would.  People might be mad that you’re doing something different.  They might even get the most upset when you make their game of follow the leader look silly.

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