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Bring Change, Give Water

It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted, but I’ve got some great ones coming – so get ready.

Around the end of November last year God placed on my heart a desire to lead my youth group/church toward being a missionally minded group. So during that process I began praying and researching what kind of things we could get involved in that would have an impact globally. I sent out a tweet asking for suggestions and the guy that responded suggested I check out which helped build clean water wells all around the world. This got me researching about the global problem of a lack of clean water. Over a billion people are without access to clean water – and millions die every year from complications related to lack of clean drinking water. It’s a super fixable problem I found out – clean water wells can be (and are being) dug in the most remote villages to provide clean water for up to 50 years. After praying for like 30 seconds…because I mean really, God laid it on my heart as soon as I saw the staggering numbers…I felt like God was telling me to go for it.

I found an organization called Children Relief International (CRI) who also dug water wells in places like India and Mozambique. I had been to India in 2007 and after reading some more stats about India being the poorest country in the world knew that God wanted us making a difference there. I contacted a missionary from CRI who happened to be on furlough and who lived in North Syracuse and met with him. Told him we were going to start raising money and wanted to build a well in India – he came alongside of us and helped cast the vision at my church for the need and we began raising money.

My youth group had actually already started collecting money in the form of spare change for this project before we decided on the organization and destination for our well. At the end of three weeks the youth group had raised over $500.00… in spare change. Unbelievable. We opened up the project to the entire church and got off to a fast start. We filled a 5 gallon jug full of change (around $1500.00 worth of change) and started accepting other forms of money to raise money even faster. We raised $4000.00 in just about 8 months and were able to give the money to CRI about 2 months ago. I received an email from Todd yesterday with this video:

It is so amazing what God started through a youth group of 15 kids, then through a church of 30 to impact this small village in the Deep Forest section of India. The well was built on the property of the local church and is a place where people from every caste will come together to get water and to praise the God who provided it.

I am so blessed to serve a God who uses small people in small churches like mine to do a greater work all for his glory.

You can check out more videos of the well being built on Todd’s blog here:
You can check out my church’s website here:

Here’s the water!


One comment on “Bring Change, Give Water

  1. Shane Michael Sanders Marcus
    November 12, 2011

    Hey both of you –

    It’s really great to continue to keep up with your work. I keep you both in prayer and hope God continues to bless your ministries! Thanks for keeping this blog going!

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