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Love Las Vegas Update

Hi Everyone,

If it seems like it has been a really long time since you’ve heard from me, it’s because it has been! Sorry! The good news is the reason it has been so long is because of all of the good things going on with the ministry and in life!

Last time I sent out an update we had just begun pass out bread and pastries from Panera to the homeless. At first we were only given the opportunity receive the bread donation 3 weeks a month, but after a few weeks we were told we could have it every week. Since mid February we have hand delivered over $8,000 worth of Panera, more than 4,000 water bottles, over 300 PB&J sandwiches and about 100 pair of socks. We just started turning some of the bread into PB&Js for the past two weeks, but we intend to make them every week from now on.
I was talking to one of the owners at my favorite coffee shop in town and he was asking about how our homeless ministry was going. He asked how we got the rest of our supplies, the PB&J, water and bags. I told him we all pitched in to cover the cost, about $60 a week. He told me to keep him up to date about what we were doing and said that him and his partner at the shop might be interested in covering that expense. This possibility is incredibly exciting to me. If it works out it will mean that there is an independent coffee shop in Las Vegas paying for homeless ministry long before we are able to open a shop of our own!!!

We are now an officially recognized ministry by the city of Henderson and by Clark county. This is an important step and allows us to open a bank account and handle all of our donations here in house. This means that donations should be sent to this address from now on:
Love Las Vegas
46 Church st.
Henderson, NV 89015

And checks can be made out to:
Love Las Vegas Ministries

Our momentum has really picked up in the last few weeks and we’ll have several exciting announcements to make in the near future including, the launch of our Web Site and a chance for you to earn a FREE WEEKEND WITH US IN LAS VEGAS!!!

We are working hard to expand our efforts and make the most of the opportunities God has given us and we’ve identified some things that will help greatly. If you would like make a specific donation towards one of these items please make sure to put that on the memo of your check or enclose a note to that effect.
New or factory refurbished Mac Book Pro ($1000-$1,500)
A digital camera Nikon d5100 or Canon T3i ($650-$800)
Quick books pro for Mac ($150)

Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!



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