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7 Reasons I am Quitting* Social Media


I was in college when twitter and Facebook started. I joined twitter in January of leaving2009, before I had a smartphone.  I sent tweets by sending a text message  to 40404.  There was no twitter app.  You had to go online (with a computer) and adjust your settings or you would get a text message every time anyone you followed sent out a tweet. Looking at old twitter stats on Wikipedia it says that by February of 2010 twitter users were sending 50 million tweets per day.  Today if you Google “How many tweets per day”, Google will tell you that users now send 500 million tweets per day.

I joined Facebook in October 2005.  You had to have an .edu email address to even sign up.  Also, somehow your college had to request a network (some colleges were allowed to join before others, its all pretty well covered…

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